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From the days of closet-sized computers and mainframe technology to the advent of handheld data and multimedia devices, ES Interactive has been there every step of the way.  While our company has been in existence since 2000, our staff possesses immense experience on all levels of software development, programming and project management.

Our philosophy has always been based on two core aspects of providing competent solutions for any type of industry:  Logic and Problem Solving.  We possess strong core skills in both of these areas.  Developing software solutions and tools for any platform and any industry can be achieved with a strong set of logic and problem solving skills.  Adapting to new technologies, syntax and programming languages is simple when this foundation is in place.

We began like so many others, building batch processing systems written in COBOL and CICS for the once touted IBM mainframe platform.  Our database design and development skills cover the olden days of IMS and DB2 up to today's widely used SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access and MySQL.  We believe that any custom solution is data centric.  A strong data model and execution of data warehousing, data mining and data structure is the foundation on which almost every solution is built.  Today's development tools make it simpler than ever for the novice programmer to develop and build software solutions.  But without our experience and core understanding of business development, system requirements, capacity planning and true problem solving approaches, ES Interactive excels where other, less experienced developers fall short.

Our top-down programming skills of the mid 1980's has taken a backseat to today's object oriented approach, and we've maintained a solid range of ever adapting skills to meet the requirements of all our clients.  From client server custom programming to multi-tiered development and design, ES Interactive covers the full spectrum of technologies and platforms.  What began with Basic, COBOL and mainframe JCL; quickly moved to programming technologies and languages such as ASP, PHP, Visual Basic and now .NET.

ES Interactive has been called upon by companies worldwide to design and develop custom standalone solutions as well as custom programming and development for the internet.  We pride ourselves on being a jack of all trades when it comes to software development and our industry and experience page speaks volumes for our capabilities.

We are proud of so many accomplishments of the past 23 years.  The lead staff of ES Interactive has been instrumental in many key developmental roles.  Below are just a few of our accomplishments highlighting come of the core engagements and competencies of our staff:

  • Custom development and project management of the sales forecasting engine now licensed to, and integrated by Oracle and many leading companies around the globe.
  • Lead development and management of a secondary mortgage system used by banks and loan processors throughout the US.
  • Sales and Marketing systems development, database management and integration for major CPG, technology and food service corporations, including General Mills, Motts, Inc., Cadbury Beverages and more.
  • Complete, ground-up development of medical publications and grant tracking systems for several major international pharmaceutical corporations.
  • Development of real-time multimedia publishing system for travel and leisure companies worldwide.
  • Back-end administrative content management solutions for major cruise lines to easily integrate with booking engines, travel and trip scheduling, customer database, e-mail distribution systems and more.
  • Real estate and property management server solutions development for real-time listing, property management updates & modifications, newsletter distribution and CRM.

Our resume is vast and our experience unique in that we bring a wide assortment of business and development skills to nearly every industry.  Our big business experience has given us the skills to assist companies of all sizes in reaching and maintaining their goals.

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