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Website Maintenance Services

ES Interactive provides complete site website maintenance, management and site update services.  Whether you need help with occasional or ongoing web page updates, or you just decided to do away with your previous webmaster or web designer, we can help you.  With nearly 3 decades of experience, we have every skill necessary to maintain all types of websites, ecommerce sites/systems, CMS (Content Management Systems), database driven dynamic sites and more.

Website Maintenance ServicesWeb Maintenance Services

  • Website Updates
    We can update, modify and re-engineer websites of any kind, from CMS to dynamic database-driven sites to simple informational web pages to more complex ecommerce websites. Our development team has extensive experience on all platforms and design models to step in and take over right where your original web developer left off with full service website updates and webmaster services.  A common scenario we are presented with is a company's web design firm who has basically dropped the ball on a project and is no longer taking/returning calls nor performing agreed upon duties.  We have never lost a client, which is undoubtedly due to quality customer service, attention to detail and a focus on complete customer satisfaction.  We actually thrive on the failures and shortcomings of other web designers to provide service as promised to a client.  Time after time, we are called upon to take over where a previous, underperforming designer or webmaster has left off, and time after time we meet, and surpass our customers' needs.
  • Website Redesign & Upgrade Services
    Frequently, companies will approach us requesting that we take over their website and provide maintenance, enhancements and updates of all types.  We are well versed in Web Development and website design of all types and can step into your web site on any platform (Windows, Linux/Unix) and completely overhaul, upgrade or re-design your existing site.
  • Email, Domain Transfer & Management
    We can take any existing domain and transfer it into a new or existing account or even our own domain management account.  This ensures that web server location changes, email address changes and domain pointing are seamlessly handled for you.  When your domain name is under the management of ES Interactive, we will also ensure you do not lose your domain due to expiration.  Domain management requires a company with integrity, and we have it.  We constantly see cases of a business wishing to hire a new web design company but the original developer refuses to grant access to the domain that was actually purchased by you, the client!  This is sad, but true, and it happens every day.  Web design customers are typically novices in this arena, and they often trust an unknown web development firm to purchase, setup and handle the management of their domain.  Little does the customer know that this company has provided this service with a plan of never relinquishing control of the domain, thereby giving the customer no choice but to continue using their services - even when they no longer want to!  My webmaster stole my domain is something we unfortunately hear on an ongoing basis!  When ES Interactive manages your domain, hosts your website or purchases a domain on your behalf, the domain is yours and yours alone.  You have access to the domain at all times, and should you ever require moving the domain or website to a new web services provider, we will support the change and make the transition seamless and pain-free.
  • Database Management
    After many years of diverse web and technology experience, to say that ES Interactive can manage and/or integrate your database into any system or website is an understatement.  Our database experience is extensive and covers all platforms.  Whether you are running a system or server in a Windows or Unix environment we can work with you.  Working with SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Access, MySQL or any relational database (RDBMS)  is second nature to us, so always feel free to call on us for any and all of your database needs.
  • Website Hosting
    Web hosting - as simple in nature as it is - is something that confuses many website owners simply because it's our of their realm of expertise.  And that's fine!  Handling your web hosting is something we do for you without you having to worry about the ins and outs of where your website resides, how it is configured and how it works.  When you take your car for an oil change, you probably don't care how it's done, but you do care that your car will continue to run efficiently and that the service was properly performed.  If you have to worry that the mechanic put your oil in the radiator of your automobile, then you probably need to find a new mechanic!  The same holds true for hosting.  Like a mechanic can usually change the oil in any car, we can work with any web hosting company, and we can also recommend and consult on the best hosting plans and configurations.
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
    Oftentimes, a company is satisfied with their website design, but in need of improved search engine rankings.  We can step into any live website, whether in-progress or already designed, and provide a full range of web site optimization services for improved site rankings.  As we always say, Credibility + Visibility = Profitability.  If your website is not found and visited on a regular basis via Google or any other engine search, then your site is essentially ineffective.  Our internet marketing services range from basic site optimization to complete Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns for increased online presence and visibility that will help companies meet their bottom line.

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