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Many SEO engineers and search engine optimization firms rely on antiquated methods of web page rankings and simply don't keep up with the ever-changing scoring methods and algorithms that major search engines employ.  As the internet has evolved, search engines like Google have become more intelligent, more intuitive and increasingly more proficient at offering relevant search results based on keyword and phrased searches.  ES Interactive brings an abundance time-proven experience,  SEO results, knowledge and skills to the table that allows us to take your business to new plateaus by providing top Search Engine Rankings consistently and effectively. 

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Web Site Ranking Sample Results

For nearly a decade, we have provided solid, measurable SEO results for companies large and small.  Our Search Engine Optimization clients continue to dominate their rankings within their niches. We have more top ranking examples from SEO projects, and we will happily provide them upon request. Here are a few brief and recent SEO Success stories:

A prominent Oral Surgeon and Dental Implant Specialist in Federal Way has a stellar reputation, and a fabulous practice in Federal Way, Washington as well as Auburn, WA.  The problem is that she has spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on SEO over the years, but to no avail.  While her business was doing well, it certainly wasn't due to the efforts of her previous Search Engine Optimization Company, which were clearly in vain.  While 90% of her business was coming via insurance companies and other dentists referrals, we made it clear that the remaining 10% of the business opportunities were out there, and with the proper SEO Campaign, she could boost her business even more.  We got to work during the first week of March, and are currently about 3 weeks into the effort, with immediate, measurable results which have already brought her several new patients in desperate needs of her services.  After three weeks, her practice now ranks atop Google page 1 for more than 20 highly relevant searches related to her specialties. The long and short of it is that she has already paid for the Optimization campaign many times over, with results improving every day - and certainly many more new patients to come!  Sabbagh Oral Surgery's traffic has increased exponentially, and they're actually now converting that traffic into new business. 
ES Interactive has been working with a prominent, but once-poorly-ranking, Gig Harbor, Washington construction company on its rankings.  This company has been a staple in the Tacoma, Gig Harbor, Pierce County areas of Washington State for more than a decade. Their website was entirely non-performing for all industry-related, relevant searches in these areas.  We are two months into the SEO project, and the company is now dominating its niche by maintaining a page 1 ranking for more than 50 targeted Google searches.
Recently, a Bellevue Property Management company with a new, but non-ranking website, came to us for SEO for this site. The company provides short sales assistance to homeowners in Bellevue, WA.  The real estate market and its economic downturn demands that foreclosure and short sales professionals achieve a top-rank position to outrank their competitors in this popular niche. In less than 4 weeks, the company now has a page 1 Google rank on 6 targeted searches, including the most difficult to obtain "Bellevue Short Sales".  
Home Emergency USA is the latest in a list of new Search Engine Optimization clients.  While offering a wide variety of Emergency Preparedness Products for many years, their rankings were doing fairly well for a variety of terms, but lacking the punch they needed for the core, relevant  searches on Google.  The site now holds the #1 Google ranking for their most targeted and relevant search terms.  After one month, website traffic is up 85% and search engine traffic comprises 75% of the website's total traffic. And 2 months into the effort, that now hold the #1 Rank on Google for the search term "Emergency Products" which results in almost 37 million results!
Primp Doggy, a custom dog clothing company, was once a non-ranking site. Their focus was on the custom dog apparel and dog clothing niches. Our SEO result was a consistent top-5 Google placement for these types of searches. The company went from being "unfindable" to receiving inquiries, calls, emails and increased traffic on a daily basis; appearing on the local NBC news; being featured in major national publications and even creating four custom outfits for a major television celeb. Today, they maintain a page 1 Google ranking for "custom dog apparel" and "custom dog clothing", which results in more than 50 million web results.
An electronic engineering and circuit design company came to ES Interactive to inquire about website updates and maintenance for their existing website. 

After inquiring about and understanding the importance of Google top rankings and the fact that they did not rank at all for any targeted searches, they turned to us for an SEO campaign to boost their search engine rankings.  In less than one month, the company now dominates their industry in the Seattle area for nearly all relevant and frequently-searched terms.

Our own success story has our business growing more than ever before.  A major component of our business is Website Upgrades and Site Redesign services. As we began embarked on an increased number of redesign/upgrade projects, we decided to work our own SEO geared solely for "WEBSITE UPGRADES".

 Today's result is a #1 Google rank on this term, out of nearly 9.5 million web pages.  The result was swift as more web site redesign projects have been coming our way than ever before!

The Little Shop Online is a small designer clothing retailer in Vero Beach, Florida.  We were hired to design their complete website and e-commerce website.  The company's domain was brand new and new domains tend to take longer to rank, nevertheless, we took the client to a dominant page 1 ranking on all major search engines for their two lines of items they sell.  A month after launch, their traffic has increased  exponentially and they are selling their items to website visitors worldwide. All sales were the result of prominent search engine positioning.
ES Interactive was contracted by an outside web development vendor to provide Search Engine Optimization services for a major, luxury cruise line. In a short period of time, the cruise company surpassed its competition in nearly every key search term for which they sought to improve their rankings.

The result was exponentially increased daily hits, which in turn, resulted in a large increase in relevant traffic, inquiries and cruise bookings.  The company maintains its ranking power till this day and is steadily bringing increased cruise bookings due to its top-5 rankings on all targeted Google searches.


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