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On Page Optimization - Where Effective SEO Starts and Ends

Too many website owners are dragged into believing the credibility and validity of these services that promise top rankings, but never really explain much about how they're going to get you these rankings.  Many services tell you about all the great back links they're going to get you in a one month period.  You've seen the sites and ads:  "Minimum 80 quality back links", "100+ One Way Links", etc.  Most, if not all of these services, partake in highly frowned upon web rings, link exchanges with their other web ring buddies, and one way links from sites that are nothing more than an endless page of unrelated links.  Back links can only get you so far, and they won't get you anywhere if the quality of the link originating site is sub-par. 

We recently took on an SEO project for a client who had been raked through the coals by these so-called "SEO Experts" who guaranteed him the world.  We warned against these particular companies and told him that their claims were not true, and their guarantees were not possible.  Still, he bit.  Well 4 months and many thousands of dollars later, he's back, and he's finally having the job done right.  When we investigated the hundreds of link backs the other two companies built for him, we did not find one single link or site to be of credible nature, nor would any of the surrounding links and content on these sites assist his rankings in any way.  The long and short of it was that he was still a Pagerank (PR) 0 after all these months, and after all these "wonderful quality links" the other SEO company got him.  And you guessed it, his site was still nowhere to be found for any relevant search on Google or any of the search engines for that matter.

One very basic tenet of Web Optimization is "Content is King".  You've probably heard SEO's say this before. The problem is that many of them fail to live by this important rule of thumb when it comes to SEO.  The credibility, authority and prominence of your website starts and ends with on-page optimization, fresh content and relevant copy.  We spend all the time necessary within the deepest depths of your website applying optimization techniques that are critical to your site's relevance.  All the back links in the world from these other link building companies are only as good as the source website and its contents. First and foremost, on site optimization encompasses so much that is critical to your SEO campaign.  Relevant copy, proper use of header tags, meta information, page structure, navigational elements, strategic utilization of images and placement of the images on your pages.  This, and so much more, is where your optimization begins.  Many of these "SEO Guarantee" companies will not touch your website - and actually - that's a good thing, because the majority of them don't have a good handle on on-page optimization, nor do they care to delve into it.  Another caveat for the SEO's who actually do touch your pages and content, is the importance of how technically skilled they are.  If you have functional processes, ecommerce, database calls and routines and basically anything "technical" happening on your site, you never want to take the risk of having your pages' code broken or lost.

When we perform any website optimization, we've got the skills, knowledge and experience to take a site built for any web platform and any database, and work within the constraints of your site and its code.  Simply put:  We will never break your site or any of its pages.  We are thorough in everything we do, and every page we impact.  We prepare for the worst, and deliver the best.  All your content is completely safe, backed up and ready to re-implement should anything ever go wrong while onsite changes are being performed.  So your website is in good hands with a company that understands what is important and impactful ON your website, as well as off.

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