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Search Engine Optimization Articles :: FACTS, MYTHS & SEO SCAMS

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More than Just Keywords

Loading your pages with keywords (keyword stuffing) will not work regardless of how it worked many years ago.  Hiding text links and image links on pages is now taboo and may just you delisted faster than you can say "SEO". Link trades are no longer what they used to be and may score against you if you're simply farming out links and accepting link trades with any old Joe. Irrelevant or improperly executed back links may often do you no good at all, and your current "SEO Expert" may not even know it.  Even worse, he might just know it, and not tell you!

Website structure, meta tags, page titles, effective and relevant keyword research, creative spoken-word usage, fresh relevant content and placement, external CSS development, link maturity, keyword domains and back links all play important roles in how your site ranks.  Providing a synergistic approach that yields quality search engine ranking results is what we do. We stay current on website ranking strategies, logic models, algorithm changes and search engine scoring methods. We possess the technical and creative know how to make your site and its search engine rankings the best they can be.

SEO Back Links - Useless if Your Site Cannot Convert Visitors Into Sales

Does your site convert?  By "convert" we mean: Do visits turn into sales and profits?   Your site either is, or isn't converting.  Chances are, if you're reading this page now, the result is the latter.  If you are already ranking but still not converting your website traffic into closed business, then you are missing the boat on effective web page design, structure, flow, navigation, attractiveness ... or maybe all of the above. SEO Services link building programs are, as you may already know, one of the major pieces of quality search engine ranks.  A little known fact that "SEO Experts" fail to share with you is that while back linking is critical to the success of your rankings, its success will only be as valuable as your website credibility. 

If you have 5,000 people a day visiting a garbage website, the result is the old adage: Garbage In, Garbage Out. Better yet, in this case, it can be referred to as Prospects In, Profits Out or PIPO!  Yes, we just coined the term PIPO ourselves in the case of SEO, nevertheless the fact remains:  If you can't "get them in, and keep them in", you may as well be paying your Optimization Professional to take out your trash or do your laundry.  ES Interactive incorporates both back link building and a diligent content optimization approach to bring you the best of both worlds:  Quality Web Design and Search Engine Optimization Rankings.

Search Engine Ranking Guarantees - Buyer Beware

Google warns of unethical and ethical SEO practices along with webmaster guidelines in detail on their website and cautions all site owners to beware of any claims of top-ranking guarantees or "special relationships" with Google to ensure speedy indexing and ranking.  Such guarantees and relationships are impossible and not guaranteed nor endorsed by Google. In other words, these claims are nonsense.  When you receive email spam or unrequested solicitation offering top ranking services, think twice before replying and then think about this:  If an SEO Company is so adept at consistently earning top spots on Google, would they really have to "cold call" and solicit your business via email?  Wouldn't they be discovered constantly via their own top rankings?

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